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December 31, 2014 by dommajor

dom major website

First off, we would just like to thank each person that was nice enough to visit our page, say something nice to us at a gig, shared a post or even just expressed the slightest interest in what we do. We cannot thank you enough. We hope to have your continued support for the future!

2014 has been an incredible year for us all for so many different reasons…
Firstly, we actually formed properly as a band and began gigging properly as a band, that’s a pretty big deal. We are still known as ‘Dom Major’ but the guys are more than just a backing band, they are my brothers. I urge you to have a quick look at what they have been up too over the year over at their personal twitter pages.

Aaron Haigh, Drums
Michael Craig, Guitar and Backing Vox
– Rob Palmer, Bass (Too cool for Twitter)

Without each other, we would not have been able to play the gigs we have, which include…

– Band On The Wall
– Manchester Academy
– The Royal Albert Hall
– The Ritz

We plan to start recording the EP next year so look out for more news relating to that in 2015!

The photo above is moments after we came off the stage at RAH, pretty sweaty…

Anyway, hope you all have an amazing New Year and see you all in 2015!

All our love

Dom, Aaron, Rob and Mike



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