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August 23, 2013 by dommajor

Writing songs is not an easy task. Writing GOOD songs is even harder. To me, there are many things that make a song great. It is very easy to list, and describe these things, but very difficult to achieve them.

What makes a song great?

– Catchy Melody for the verse – Soaring chorus – Lyrics that answer three questions: Who is talking? Who are they talking to? and (most importantly) WHAT are they trying to say. Dont take the above TOO SERIOUSLY. There are many superb songs that don’t DIRECTLY answer those above questions, but will do on a certain level.

Here is an example of one of my favourite artists. Matt Nathanson.

This is a song off Matt’s album ‘Modern Love‘. The catchy jam follows the description I mentioned above, very closely in fact. -Who is talking? Matt is talking (pretty obvious…) -Who is he talking too? Matt is talking to the listeners of the song, this makes for a personal ‘feel’ to the song. -What is he saying? Matt is describing a past relationship to the listener, and explaining that the ‘Modern’ condition of love, sometimes isn’t enough to keep things going. With my terrible track record of relationships its pretty relatable if you ask me! 😉 Hope this made for an interesting read!

What do you think?

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